This is with reference to Qari Zain Mehsud's recent statement exposing his fellow-tribesman and a self-claimed champion of Islam, Baitullah Mehsud. Pointing out why his war is against Baitullah and not the common people, Qari Zain says Baitullah is working on the Indian agenda of destabilizing Pakistan. Pakistani officials had been often expressing apprehensions that the dozens of Indian consulates in Afghanistan were actually established with the purpose of destabilizing Pakistan. Now it has been confirmed from the horse's mouth as Christen Fair, a researcher at the Foreign Affairs magazine, recently wrote that the main propose of the Indian consulates in Jalalabad and Kandhar is not issuance of visas but to support the rogue elements working against Pakistan in FATA. Apparently, the US administration has also realised the danger inherent in the Indian maneuvers in Afghanistan. An official of the Obama administration in a recent tour to New Delhi clearly asked the Indians to trim down their activities in Jalalabad. It's time the nation must unite behind the military action inside our tribal areas. It's very unfortunate that in the tone of our enemy, some of our political leaders and anchorpersons are targeting ISI and the Army. Our soldiers are sacrificing their lives for the safety and security of Pakistan and its people. Its time to shun our differences, join hands and stand like a solid rock behind our brave soldiers so that the menace of terrorism, these agents of our enemy countries, are crushed once and for all. -SHAHID ZAHOOR, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, June 18.