Before presentation of the budget in the NA, prices of the goods of daily needs attained such an unimaginable hike that life has become impossible for the common man. The media is focused on the alarming rise but nothing is going to happen because the businessmen are determined to raise prices, the government claims of decline in rate of inflation notwithstanding. The media had also raised very high expectations of the government servants with regard to increase in their pay commensurate to prices and inflation. But these high hopes have dashed to the ground when government proposed 15% adhoc increase in their pay and pension. The government has overlooked even the plight of the old pensioners who had retired in December 1969 after having admirably performed their duties under adverse circumstances. Those who retired on 31/12/69 were paid far less pensions than those who retired on 1.1.1970 because of revision of pay scales and rate of pensions. Thereafter, there have been still more revisions in grades, pay and pension. So there will be still greater disparity between old and new pensioners. -RAJA SHAFAATULLAH, Islamabad, via e-mail, June 15.