LANDIKOTAL (PPI) - The tribesmen celebrated the victory of Pakistani cricket team through massive aerial firing and playing their folk dance. A local fan Bilal Khan said that Shahid Afridi had proved himself to be a patriotic through beating his rival team. He said that the locals were very happy that Pakistan won the World cup that proved the Pakistan was a sports loving and peace loving country. "Shahid Afridi, a tribal man, has made a record and earned a great name worldwide for Pakistan," he maintained. The victory of the Pakistani cricket team was celebrated everywhere in Pakistan including Balochistan and the whole of the tribal belt, Arshad Ali said. "We are happy that our players earned a good namefor Pakistan," he said. He said the tribesmen would keep Pakistani flag hoisting high and play their every possible part for the development of the country. "Pakistan is our motherland and its love is a part of our faith," Arshad Ali said. It is worth mentioning that in every nook and corner of Landikotal and other tribal areas, the tribesmen started aerial firing to express their pleasure and enthusiasm immediately after the Pakistani Cricket team managed to win over the opponent team.