PIA, in spite of its vast potential and a loyal clientele base, is literally bankrupt because of massive corruption by a management dominated by mediocrity, cronyism and nepotism. From an airline of international repute, it has been reduced to a dumping ground for welfare of political appointees, employee children, and retired uniformed officers. Although more than half the fleet of a mixed old and new aircrafts were grounded, because of lack of funds, yet the irresponsible management and employee unions found it appropriate to give themselves a pay hike with an additional tag of over Rs3.5 billion annually. The only solution for this cash starved, surplus airline is to declare bankruptcy, close it down for 48 hours, and reopen with required competent employee strength. PIA should no longer be allowed to become a nursery for raw CPL pilots to be recruited, trained on latest equipment, only to see them leave this airline and join foreign carriers. The enormity of problems PIA faces cannot be tackled by appointing pilots at the helm, for their flying skills have nothing to do with management. It is about time PIA becomes a service oriented airline, serving clients, instead of becoming the white elephant it has been reduced to.RAHAT S, Canada, June 15.