Accidents happen all the time and we have to ensure that we have done that we can do to ensure that life is safe. Recently an air freshener can was left on the seat inside a car parked in the sun and due to high temperature and heat generated in the air freshener it exploded; thank God there were no children in the car. It is important that we all are careful.Kindly do not park your vehicles in the open in the hot summer’s sun and especially when there are pressure cans (Aerosol sprays, perfume and deodorant sprays bottles, even aerated water or Pepsi, Coke and other colas) inside the car. It is advisable not to keep any such pressure cans inside your cars even when you are inside the vehicles and travelling during summer months. It can result in serious accidents.COL. RIAZ JAFRI (R), Rawalpindi, June 16.