Is there no city in Pakistan that has been designed by professionals? Islamabad that is the capital of Pakistan, which has all the embassies and foreigners, must have been planned? It seems as if planning a city is impossible in our country! With a lot of VIP and VVIP movement in Islamabad the streets leading to and from important areas should have been designed to bypass busy sections of the town, but it seems that the people of Islamabad have to undergo the torture of VIP movement. Also offices such as Supreme Court, Nadra Office, Secretariat Offices and National Library all exist in the ‘Red Zone’ areas making life difficult for general public.Similarly, Imam Bari and QA University exist behind Red Zone. It is a rule that in all the cities of the world, the airports should always be constructed outside the city at a distance of at least 16 KM, but here the new airport is again being constructed in the center of the populated area. Why? Because the owner of the land (Who has sold this land to the authorities) is a resourceful person, though providing security becomes a risk in this area as well. These are serious issues and need to be addressed by the new government as quickly as possible.RAJA GHAZANFAR ALI KHAN ADOWALIYA, Rawalpindi, June 19.