Setting up health facilities in remote rural areas should be every government’s first priority. In Pakistan such basic needs are ignored while lofty ideas, such as Metro Bus are launched and benefit a few. I belong to Ajjand Garh a small village which has a non-functional dispensary, there is no doctor available. This is NA 122, I am sure someone contested the elections from here and won, we have requested the government many times to provide us with a functional dispensary and a doctor but nothing has been done.  This effects thousands of lives. There are old people, children and birthing mothers who have no one to take care of their medical needs. People have to pay heavy fee to private doctors and the doctors of the area are taking advantage of the poor people knowing that they have no other option open to them. Medicines are also very costly. Now the community is hoping that elected government will look into this issue. AROOMA SHAHZAD, Lahore, June 20.