The free media keeps amazing the country, the number of political talk shows is baffling, but what is worst is that they are confusing the nation. Maybe what we have is an independent media but it seems to be dependent on famous names to come on their shows. People who were in the opposition in the last government, and defended their actions, are now criticising the present government for the same actions? Are we all stupid or do we not understand what is going on?Lo and behold, a TV host listened to the opinion of MD, PEPCO who was not only removed on corruption charges, but was a part and parcel of the department when it took a nosedive. This intelligent and well informed, corrupt former MD was presenting the possibilities and well thought out strategies on how to revive these institutions which he had helped plunder and destroy! Sure there is a saying ‘send a thief to catch a thief’!Another former MD of PEPCO is regularly contributing to a magazine, informing his readers on how to resolve the energy crisis, one fails to understand why he was unable to come up with all these wonderful plans when he was heading PEPCO? The appetite of our TV channels to fill the talk show studios with politicians and analysts is questionable. No questions that a common man would like to ask are included in these talk shows. They are scripted with the same faces and same topics which amounts to mislead the nation. Let’s have some honesty for a change; I think the nation is ready. Very recently the Supreme Court warned the PML-N government from appointing any person who was on the ECL to any important position. I think that a similar warning to our beloved media from their various associations and watchdogs might also improve things. ABU BAKAR, Karachi, June 18.