I venture to take this opportunity to draw the attention of the federal and provincial governments to the on-going education system in Pakistan. I understand that the current education system in Pakistan was inherited from the British Empire, who introduced various systems. All the schools, colleges and the universities in public and private sectors start their sessions in March-April every year, take examinations in the month of May and then close for summer vacations and restart their sessions in the month of September. This system has been prevailing in Pakistan ever since its independence. Although British Empire had established this system just for their convenience as they went for a summer vacation back to England.One can imagine the discomfort of small children sitting for examinations in this scorching heat, without any fans and air conditioning, especially in the peak times of loadshedding. Although the expensive schools in the private sector are charging substantial amounts for running the generators and UPS, but the reality is that hardly most of these are not sufficient. I draw the attention PML-N government to think seriously about the old system in education and other sectors that we have been blindly following for 66 years. Our education system should be according to our environment, weather and our priorities. All the educational institutions should start from January every year, take the examination in the winter season and the present system of summer vacations should be continued as such but no examination should be held in the summer months. Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education and Universities should also have the examinations of Matriculation, Intermediate in the winter season. Another serious problem is that the text books for the small children of KG and other lower classes have been increased in number and are very heavy. In olden days a class one student was supposed to carry 2/3 text books. So much so that in class VI only one small book of English was supposed to be taught. We need to limit the number of books carried by students. It is also proposed that starting time of all institutes should be same.This is a general complaint that the private schooling has become an industry. On the one hand tuition fee of these private English Medium Schools is beyond the poor man’s reach. Curriculum and Syllabus from class I to X, introduced by the government should also be followed by the private schools. MUHAMMAD RAFIQUE AASI, Lahore, June 20.