There was a time when it was assumed that fashion is only for ladies but men fashion designers proved it wrong. Men’s wear line is one of the biggest aspects of fashion. In Pakistan we are blessed with some brilliant fashion designers who design for men only and Ismail Farid is one of them. He started his label in 2005 and in very short span of time; the young fashion designer conquered the men fashion line with his eye catching designs and ingenuity. 

Ismail is expert in making a man elegant and graceful with his outfits. His label Ismail Farid offers a complete range of men suiting, shirts, dresses, trends and designs with aim of blending social awareness through his design aesthetics in way to create contemporary and expressive designs for men.  He always gives his customer choice and comfort.

He produced a fusion of modern designing techniques and innovative cuts focusing all age groups and endeavors and achieve highest place in market for his fashion label Ismail Farid. One of the exceptional works of Ismail include the salute collection that he designed to tribute valor to Pakistani Army especially to those who had lost their lives during war against terrorism through sober cuts and clean details that also salute the brave and courageous soldiers. He has won a number of awards for his creativity and expertise. He is one of those rare designers who always bring out unique trends for men’s that enhances the personality of a person. He is renowned for his designs in which he infuses antique elements with modern techniques.  In an interview with Sunday Plus, the designer talked about his career, designing philosophy and much more. Here are the excepts of the interview:

How would you describe your aesthetic as a designer?

We work on the very minimalistic lines with great attention to detail. Our designs are very simple but classy so it can remain timeless.  We keep latest trends in mind but our focus is always on small details. As in men’s wear we can’t go over the top.

Do you feel a designer’s personal sense of style is reflected within their labels aesthetic?

Yes. The designer sense of style is always reflected in their collection. We always have to keep in mind what colour pallets are inn. Designer personal sense. Cuts, designs and colours depend on designer’s creativity.

From where do you seek inspiration?

It varies; it can come from the most unexpected places, such as a minute detail on a steering wheel cover.

How would you describe Ismail Farid signature in one line?

Simple but classy clothes that remains timeless.

What makes it so special?

The surprise element which we have in our each outfit. We always put our signature style in every piece whether it is in collar of the shirt, or in jeans.

Do you think menswear is finally getting enough recognition amongst the fashion shows?

There are numerous number of fashion weeks taking place in our country right now. But I still feel there is not so much quality work. There is a big gap in men’s wear line. There are many few designers who work in men’s line. The room which is empty must be filled by giving space to upcoming designers who are interested in working men’s wear line.

What one thing you keep in mind when designing clothes for men?

Wearability of the garment.

What makes a person stylish?

His sense of style which includes his gestures, the way he walks, talks and carries himself. 

What is the distinction between style and fashion?

Style is timeless & fashion is seasonal.

Do you have a specific research process when you start a new collection?

Research is a very important element before starting work on a new collection.  I do look up on the current colour pallet and trends. We decide a theme for a collection and then we work on it.

What is the price range of your label?

Our shirts prices starts from 2,895 rupess and goes up to 5,200 rupess where as shalwar kameez ranges between 2,985 rs to 8,800 rs.

What do you think are the essential elements to being a successful menswear designer?

You have to be original, creative, know the trends and especially maintain the quality of the design.

Aside from the obvious gender difference, are there any particular developments or processes in menswear that dramatically differ from woman wear?

They differ slightly not dramatically as the cuts and fit are quiet standardize in menswear. There is less variation in designing as compare to women wear.

Any plans of doing woman line too ?

Not yet. Designing men wear line is my passion and I feel myself strong in this.

What kinds of clothes you love designing?

Anything that comes in men wear I love to design. There are a lot of variations in shirts so they can be designed in different types. I think designing suites and coats is a challenging task because you have very less margin of changing it.

What do people need to know about a fashion design career?

Creativity, dedication & perseverance.

So many designers have entered the field in recent years that it looks as if the industry has reached its saturation point or there is still room for improvement?

In our fashion industry there are rules or standard which anyone have to follow. Many people are joining this industry but there are only few designers who have quality work and their collections are up to mark.

Advice for new young fashion entrants…

Be creative and original in your designs.

Do you have any new projects or collections in the pipeline that Ismail farid fans should be looking forward to?

 We are bringing our Eid collection, soon it will be in stores.



Repaid Fire



A trend you love?



Model who do justice with your clothes?

Shahzad Noor


Your favourite way to relax?

Long Drive


Any fashion Fetish?

Linen In summers.


Favourite colours


Black & white


What is something that you will never wear?

A Kurta on Jeans


One thing you want to change about fashion industry?


Amount of fashion weeks.


One thing you cant stand ?



What quality you like most in a man?



5 things that have to be with you wherever you go

Watch, Car , Mobile , Wallet, Sunglasses.


Favorite model

Shahzad Noor