The unfortunate and brutal murder of MQM MNA Tahira Asif must be condemned and so must every other brutal murder of every citizen of Pakistan. The lack of resolve by the state to punish criminals and to curb heinous crimes such as murder and rape, has led to the cultivation of this culture, where criminals are tolerated and spared instead of being severely punished. There is no doubt that the ultimate responsibility for securing lives and property of all citizens, irrespective of their caste, creed or status lies squarely on the shoulders of every provincial government where innocent blood has been shed. Murder is murder, whether committed by a bullet of the TTP, Uzbek militants, target killers of Karachi’s criminal mafia, land mafia gangs or extremist sectarian hate groups killing Shias, Sunnis or members of other faiths.

While the Sindh assembly has passed a unanimous resolution condemning the murder of MNA Tahira Asif, it has chosen in its wisdom to ignore targeted planned murders of scores of policemen and innocent citizens within its territorial jurisdiction, as if they were children of lesser gods. We need is to adopt a zero tolerance policy for crime.


Lahore, June 20.