Ever since the horrific Lahore incident, there has not been a single TV talk show that doesn’t ask for the resignation of the Chief Minister of Punjab or that of his Law Minister, Rana Sanaullah. Pro PML-N speakers and their opponents argue for and against the resignation so vehemently and vigorously that one is simply amazed to see the power of their vocal cords and the strength of their stamina to use them for so long! If I were Shahbaz Sharif, I would have resigned the moment the incident came to my notice. By doing so I would have not only set a very laudable example, but could have also won the hearts of all Pakistanis. Alongside this, I would have arranged for the Punjab Assembly to elect its new leader of the house and of course who else would it be but Hamza Shahbaz, Shahbaz Sharif’s son. Lo and behold I would have still been the de-facto CM of Punjab without even batting an eyelid. Pakistan Zindabad.


Rawalpindi, June 19.