Reference your report about PIA crew involved in smuggling at London’s Heathrow Airport on charges of money laundering and smuggling of mostly stolen cell phones. The rise in such incidents is due to callous approach of PIA management and government’ failure in giving exemplary punishments to those involved. It was in September 2014 when entire crew including Captain Amir Hashmi was detained for smuggling 24 I-Phones at Lahore Airport on arrival from London, along with £5,000 recovered from him. The matter was hushed up on intervention of none other than Adviser to PM Shujaat Azeem.

There is long history of different governments using PIA as a channel to launder their ill-gotten money and buying properties all over the world. How else can former PPP government justify appointment of controversial pilot as MD in 2008, when he was found involved in numerous criminal irregularities ranging from his involvement in smuggling of archaeological items for Surrey Mansion and gross financial irregularities in recruitment established by none other than investigation ordered by MOD headed by AVM Mushaf Ali Mir.

As if this was not enough in violation of all ethics the contract for catering on all PIA flights transiting through Europe was given to company owned by same person and nobody bothers about rise in incidences involving in-flight trolleys at various airports. It is not just Ayyan Ali involved in organized money laundering but many more. It merits an investigation by premier intelligence agencies as to what prompts successive governments to appoint corrupt cronies to heads PIA or CAA and whether they helped them in this massive flight of capital.


Sukkur, June 10.