Saira Mehreen Abbasi @Saira_M_Abbasi

#KarachiWeepsGovtSleeps Kar is a cosmopolitan city & business hub. So to have no water & electricity means bad governance & corruption.

Anum Athar @anum269

The ruling elite should come out of their AC rooms to realize how it is to survive 45 C with no water & electricity #KarachiWeepsGovtSleeps


Mahroz Tanveer @MahrozTanveer

Qaim Ali Shah Its time to wake up

Khanzada @Khanzada01

People in #Sindh died of hunger and heatwave but Bhutto kal eb zinda tha aur Bhutto aj be zinda hea ! #KarachiWeepsGovtSleeps

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