Islamabad - Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) is annoyed over the contents of advertisements of some universities regarding admission to LLB classes for academic year 2016-17 on the basis of 3 years LLB programme.

Chairman Legal Education Committee of PBC, Muhammad Shoaib Shaheen said yesterday that three years LLB programme is violative of the Pakistan Bar Council Legal Education Rules, 2015. Under the rules, the universities imparting legal education, are required to give admissions for academic year 2016-17 and thereafter, on the basis 5 years LLB programme, instead of 3 years LLB programme which after promulgation of the “Pakistan Bar Council Legal Education Rules, 2015” in December, 2015, stands abolished, about which all the Universities were duly informed soon after promulgation of the Rules vide letters dated 22-01-2016.

He was chairing Legal Education Committee meeting, held under his chairmanship at the Supreme Court building. The committee called upon all the universities imparting legal education to ensure that admission to LLB classes for the academic year 2016-17, must be made on the basis of 5 years LLB programme, as required under the rules and in case of failure on the part of any university to do so, will render the university concerned to an action which may extend even to its de-recognition.

The committee, therefore, hopes and expects that the universities will adhere to relevant provisions of the above said rules in letter and spirit especially in respect of admissions to LLB classes on the basis of 5 years programme.

The students desirous to get admission in LLB classes for the academic year 2016-17 may also note that their admission and acquiring degree of LLB 5 years programme will only make them eligible for enrolment as advocate with a bar council.