Corruption is undoubtedly among the major challenges that Pakistan is facing today. The recent crisis over Panama Papers have disclosed that how corrupt our elite and ruling class is, as these papers have straight away links with corruption. It is not only about politicians and leaders, these paper have unveiled many business tycoons, judges, bureucrats and even media group owners explaining that How rich is getting richer and poor is getting poorer in Pakistan. Corruption is not merely a single crime but it is a chain reaction which gives rise to other offences as well like tax exemption, black economy and money laundering etc.

The only way to exterminate this male faction from our society is the ruthless accountability. Our government, judiciary and other civilian authorities have to initiate this process by sacking few of the high class corrupt officials to set an example for the other practicers as well like our army did. There is a complete consensus of the nation over this demand that there should be a full stop to this curse otherwise it will devour up the whole system of the society.


Karachi, May 1.