LAHORE - The Excise and Taxation Department has started an inquiry against the Motor Registration Authority (MRA) for refusing the registration of nine vehicles.

A citizen, Azfar Mubeen Malik, moved the Punjab chief secretary office, submitting the E&T Motor Registration Authority ‘blocked the status of his nine vehicles in computer data after taking bribe from his opponents.

The application reads: “On June 3, at 8am, Waqif Khan owner of a vehicle appeared in the office of the Motor Registering Authority (Tie Up), Fareed Kot House, Lahore along with necessary documents and remained there for the purpose till sunset.”

It furder said the personal attendance was recorded by the officer concerned for the transfer vehicles bearing registration LES-12-1192, LES-12-6283, LES-12-7570, LES-13-1651, LES-13-5556, LES- 13-6188, LES-14-2689, LES-14-2691, LES-14-2692, LES-14-3493, LES-14-3782, LES-14-4484, LES-14-4774, LES-14-6262, LES-14-6564, LES-14-7063, LES-14-8974, LES-15-4982 and LES- 15-5110.

But, it added at 01:30pm, the Motor Registering Authority of Ali Complex, blocked the status of 9 vehicles bearing registration LES-13-1651, LES-14-2689, LES-14-2692, LES-14-3493, LES-14-3782, LES-14-4484, .LES-14-4774, LES-14-7063 and LES-14-8974 over an FIR with Lorry Adda police dated April 12 – though the matter was settled through reconciliation.

The complainant further mentioned that the case was quashed after he moved the court. The applicant made the request for getting the matter probed by a third party on his expenses and refer the case to the anti corruption establishment.

When contacted, Excise and Taxation (Motor) Director Sohail said, “I have received this complaint and deputed an Excise and Taxation Officer (ETO) to look into the matter and report. He said that report would be received in a couple of days and law will take its course.