Islamabad - The government yesterday placed 23 directorates/formations of Capital Development Authority (CDA) under the administrative control of mayor of Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation (IMC) along with all rights, assets and liabilities while 26 more directorates would be partially placed under his control within three months after ‘carefully working out the details by the committee constituted for the purpose.’

An office order in this regard was issued by the Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) yesterday. The order said the assets, rights and liabilities of the directorates completely transferred to the Islamabad MC have also been transferred to the MC and that all officers/officials of the respective directorates shall also stand transferred to the IMC with issuance of this order. However, the other 26 directorates would be partially transferred to the MC within three months after carefully working out the details, making it 49 in total. The CDA would retain 21 directorates. A committee has been constituted for the purpose by the government comprising chief metropolitan officer as representative of IMC and director general administration from CDA. The budget and finances of all these directorates shall be governed under provision of ICT Local Government Act, 2015. The employees transferred to IMC shall continue to draw their pay and allowances from CDA till close of financial year 2015-16.  However, if budgetary allocation would be delayed by the government to IMC, the CDA may continue to pay salaries to the transferred staff for another period of two months. The order said till the entire process of transfer of functions/directorates/formations is completed, all heads of directorates shall ensure the service delivery and shall continue to work. As the IMC becomes fully functional, its maiden session would be held here on upcoming Monday.

Functions/formations completely transferred to IMC include: directorate of health services, directorate of Cares 1122, directorate of municipal administration, directorate of sports and culture, CDA Capital Hospital, CDA Model School, directorate of public relations, directorate of security, directorate of IT, and directorate of coordination, directorate of MQC CE lab, directorate of G&H, directorate of bulk water management, directorate of water and sewerage development, directorate of M&RM, directorate of water supply, directorate of sewerage treatment plant, directorate of MPO, directorate of environment, (east), directorate of environment (west), directorate of sanitation, directorate of E&DM, and directorate of RP (KAC).

The functions/formations which would be partially divided between CDA and Islamabad MC and placed under mayor’s control within three months include: directorate of administration, directorate of HRD-I, directorate of HRD-II, directorate of law and labour relations, directorate of public relations, directorate of security, directorate of information technology, directorate of coordination and parliamentary business, directorate of architecture, directorate of traffic engineering and planning, directorate of structure, directorate of Maintenance, directorate of E&M maintenance, directorate of road (north), directorate of road (south), directorate of machinery pool organization, directorate of parks, directorate of environment protection cell, directorate of environment (regional), directorate of enforcement, finance–I, finance-II, directorate of audit, directorate of accounts, directorate of revenue and head of treasury.

Later in the day, CADD Minister Tariq Chaudhary and Mayor Sheikh Ansar along with deputy mayors addressed a press conference and termed the development a milestone towards complete transfer of power to the elected representatives. The mayor said water shortage and encroachments in the capital city are the problems his government would give priority to tackle with. He told the media that illegal housing societies and land mafia are also his targets so that beauty of the city could be retained.