LAHORE - The Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) is ready to exercise its powers of taking notice and initiating actions by fining those citizens who would be found involved in violating Solid Waste Management bylaws particularly in connection with not maintaining cleanliness in the city.

As per powers bestowed upon LWMC by City District Department, violators such as those not maintaining cleanliness in front of shops, offices, factories upto the public street or road could be fined from Rs 500 to Rs1000 by the competent authority.

Fine can also be imposed in many other cases such as for throwing or placing any refuse, litter or garbage on any street or in any place not provided or appointed for the purpose by local government.

Amount of fine will range from Rs 500 to Rs 1000 depending upon the nature of violation. The concerned area supervisor or in-charge or manager will be designated enforcement inspector and can impose fine after his observation and notice.

Moreover, Managing Director LWMC Bilal Mustafa Syed activated LWMC’s enforcement team and directed to start finingthose citizens who found involved in violation of any kind related to company’s jurisdiction.

FIRST FINE: Owner of a construction firm has been fined on account of failure to maintain cleanliness outside his area of work. The vehicles of construction firm situated at Liberty Market, Gulberg were found causing filth on clean roads of Gulberg by muddy tyres.

According to General Manager Operations Asif Iqbal, enforcement team has fined Rs 1000 to the owner of Construction Company. Enforcement team will keep on taking notice of such incidents and will take action as per need to prevent citizens to unnecessarily effecting clean face of our city.

MONSOON meeting: LWMC MD Bilal Mustafa Syed called on an emergency meeting of all field officers including Managers, Deputy/Assitant Managers and directed them to ensure implementation of sanitation arrangements during Monsoon season.

No negligence will be tolerated in respect of workers’ attendance at major choking points across the city. He also visited various choking points across the city particularly Do Moriya Pull, Lakshmi Chowk, Samanabad, Ferozpur Road, Mall Road and Bhatti Chowkin order to review sanitation arrangements and attendance of the staff.

He assured field staff that all issues related to field work will be addressed on priority bases however they are required to work with full enthusiasm to ensure smooth drainage of rain water.