Rawalpindi - The Immigration Department of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has off loaded an afghan family from Islamabad-Malaysia bounded flight at Benazir Bhutto Islamabad International Airport (BBIIAP) on account of incomplete travel documents, sources told on Thursday.

According to sources, the Immigration Department of FIA stopped an afghan national Mahram Ali Ataai with his six other family members from travelling to malaysia from BBIIAP, as they had incomplete travelling documents. Sources said the family members had no prior booking in any hotel in malaysia .

The afghan nationals did not have confirmed reservations of hotel or other arrangements that was why FIA stopped them from flying to malaysia , an officer told. In the second incident, the immigration staff of FIA stopped a woman from travelling to United States as her travel documents were not complete.

Noveen Shahab, a government servant, was to board a US bound flight as she was stopped by the staff. She did not have proof for departmental permission as ex-Pakistan leave and NOC for travelling. The woman was barred from travelling.


our staff reporter