LAHORE: Justice Abdul Sami Khan of Lahore High Court on Friday directed the police to complete their investigation regarding Ayesha and her two-year-old son’s disappearance and adjourned the hearing till July 12.

During the hearing, the police asked for some more days for investigation upon which Justice Sami ordered the police to complete their investigation and present a report before the court on July 12. The judge also directed the police to not succumb to any pressure during the investigation.

The petitioner alleged that Ayesha was the second wife of Maqsood Buttar ,  member of the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC), and out of this wedlock they both had a two-year-old son Alyan Ali. Ayesha’s mother also alleged that Buttar is behind the mysterious disappearance of her daughter and grandson.

Due to the violent incident occurred in the court during last hearing, the case was heard in the judge’s chamber. A large number of lawyers were also gathered inside the court, demanding immediate dismissal of the case. From the petitioner’s side, senior advocates Mian Liaqat, Shabeer Hussain along with Barrister Usama Malik and Noor Ijaz appeared before the court.