It has been along time when the tourist from all over the world used to visit Pakistan to see its beauty and astonishing history and ethos legacy. Pakistan’s tourism is now under the plague of the terrorism and instability.

However, Pakistan is in rich in its culture, tradition, beautiful hill stations, mountains and lakes. In the report of 2016, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) remained silent about Pakistan. World famous tourism sites demonstrating Pakistan as an awful country to visit. In addition, current issues of Pakistan such as security problems also restrict many visitors around the globe. Political instability also disturbs the overall image of the country. Nevertheless, Pakistan not only need political stability and security but also needs to market its culture and famous places to visit.

The Pakistani media can play an important role by providing information to the people that Pakistan is a safe place to visit. This will help to bring back tourism in Pakistan and present the positive image to the world. Moreover, upsurge in tourism will also aid in economic growth in Pakistan.


Islamabad, June 3.