A young Muslim woman in Bury, Manchester was allegedly insulted and humiliated by her employers when she refused to change her black hijab after being told that the garment has “terrorist affiliations”. 

The real estate agent, who does not wished to be named, had been working for Harvey Dent for nearly a year when she was informed that as she was moving from the back office “it would be in the best interest of the business for her to change the color of her hijab, due to the supposed terrorist affiliation with the color black”.
When the young women refused the request in a phone call, as she felt that the reasons given were not adequate enough, her male manager brought a bunch of coloured scarfs for her to change into at an office meeting. After the women again declined she says her manager began to turn quite nasty. First he  admonished her for sending a text message to her father and then later on went into a long rant about her not working. When the claimant tried to inform him that she was on her lunch break the manager  said that he did,t care and told her bluntly to “Get the f*** out of here.’’
Humiliated the woman says she left the office and after not hearing back from the firm for a week sent in her letter of resignation.
After passing through this insulting nightmare the women then put her case in front of the Manchester Employment Tribunal which is set to begin a preliminary hearing of it by the 20th of July. In it the women or her lawyers would argue that she was discriminated against on the basis of gender as well as religion and that the firm willfully created an “intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating and offensive environment” for her to work in. If convicted of these charges the Employment Tribunal make Harvey Dean pay “aggravated damages” as well as compensation covering losses of earnings, holiday pay and legal fees. 
However according to the women her main interest from the case is not make  financial gain but rather to ensure that the case “serves as a warning to employers that such pressure upon employees is absolutely and categorically unacceptable based upon illogical ideas with no evidence.”
Hate crimes against Muslims are becoming an enduring problem in Western countries with Muslim minorities although rulings by courts and crackdowns by police are increasing penalties for offenders.