Islamabad - A sudden fire erupted at Federal Government Services Hospital (FGSH) on Thursday near the emergency of the hospital, which spread chaos among the patients.

The fire erupted at the backyard adjacent to the social welfare department and dental clinic in the middle of the day and engulfed the material placed in the gallery.

The material included old mattresses, injections, stationery etc. Soon after the incident occurred, a fire brigade was called by the hospital administration which extinguished the fire. No casualty was reported in the incident.

Talking to The Nation a staff member of the hospital informed that the fire erupted accidentally and no major damage has been reported.

The burnt material also included injections which were not expired.

“It was the backyard where the old material was placed. May be it was caused due to a burning cigarette thrown irresponsibly,” he said.

The staffer said that the employees who are not fasting usually come to this area to eat and smoke.

Meanwhile, Aneela Ahmed, an attendant of a patient, informed The Nation that fire caused serious disorder among patients as it was almost adjacent to the dental clinic.

“Patients and attendants started running in the hospital,” she said.

Muhammad Subhan informed The Nation that he was at the pharmacy when he heard the noise that fire has erupted in the hospital.

“The incident caused chaos as no one knew what to do in the situation especially patients felt insecure. However, the firefighters controlled the situation soon,” he said.

In a separate incident at the FGSH, a mother killed her newborn baby at the hospital by flushing her.

Sources informed The Nation that Sanam Bibi, a resident of Bara Kahu, reached the hospital in the morning and gave birth to the baby in the administration hall of the hospital.

Later, she flushed the baby and tried to flee from the hospital but the incident was reported to the hospital security. However, the newborn was found dead.

The woman in a critical condition was admitted to the hospital and police was called to further investigate the matter. The hospital administration avoided to comment on the issue and later also switched off their mobile phones.


rahul basharat