LOS ANGELES - Selena Gomez likes ‘clean and classic’ styles with a ‘twist’, according to her stylist Christian Classen.

The ‘Bad Liar’ singer’s stylist Christian Classen has revealed she loves fashion which has its own ‘’twist’’ to it such as a deconstructed pair of blue jeans.

He said: ‘’[Her looks] are an amplified extension of the style she has for red carpet and streetwear ... My job is to curate a visual brand that is very specific to each individual client through colour, silhouette, mood and vibe. ‘’The world then starts to identify and say, ‘Hey, I want to look like this celebrity or that celebrity’. For example, no matter the overall style direction, the pieces I choose for Selena are always clean and classic but have a twist to them. It’s like a simple blue jean, but it’s deconstructed. Or a classic cat-eye frame, but the lens is red instead of black.’’

And Classen thinks shoes are a really important part of the outfit as they can make a cheap dress look more expensive.

Asked for his advice, he told Vogue: ‘’Tailor everything to your body and only invest in classic staple pieces. Your closet will never age ... ‘’You can wear a $10 dress with beautiful shoes and you look elevated. Cheap shoes with an expensive dress? Automatically looks like a cheap dress.’’ It comes after the 24-year-old singer admitted her biggest fashion regret was wearing shoulder pads.

She revealed she cringes when she thinks about the times she used to wear the 80s-inspired garments. And when asked about the trend she hopes is never revived, she swiftly replied: ‘’Shoulder pads.’’ Revealing her go-to piece of clothing, she added: ‘’Skinny jeans.’’