KARACHI - Transporters of port city have increased bus fares on different intercity routes as a large number of people thronged bus terminals to go back to their hometowns to celebrate Eid with their families.

It has been witnessed that intercity bus operators arbitrarily increased the fares of various routes during the last days of Ramazan in order to mint money from the passengers who had to board these buses to reach their destinations before Eidul Fitr.

The passengers were being charged additional amount of Rs500 to Rs1000 for a seat, while the transporters also placed extra seats in these buses to exploit the passengers as much as possible. These passengers were being forced to travel in pressing condition without being provided with necessary facilities. Most of the buses were not issuing tickets of these increased rates to avoid any possible legal action from the government.

The affected passengers responding to this phenomenon said that it is the duty of the provincial transport department to keep check and balance on the rates of the fares but it has completely failed to address such issues.

They said that the transporters which is currently operating as a mafia several time during the past few year has increased the bus fares and it is not the first time that they are going through this mental agony as on every Eid they face the same situation.

Passengers said they were compelled to pay extra money because they had to celebrate Eid with their families and relatives in their hometowns.

However, they regretted that the government was least concerned with their problems and had given a freehand to transporters to fleece passengers

On the other hand the transporters justified this issue by narrating that they have to bring back their buses to Karachi empty during the last days of Ramazan so they were charging extra amount to cover up any potential loss while driving the buses back to Karachi. They said they have to bear the cost of diesel, charges of toll plazas and wages of driver and conductors.