There seems nothing new under the sun but something has caught intensity and that amounts worrisome for ethnic groups in India in general and Muslims in particular amid the sun of Hindutva is on rise. The victory of BJP the alleged political wing of RSS (the Hindu Extremist Organization) providing its legislations to uphold Hindu values, by keeping others aside, puts a question mark on India`s claim of “Secular”. Anti-cow slaughter movement has further exaggerated the entire scenario for Muslims albeit India is full of ethnic communities including Christians, Dalits and others who eat beef in Northeast India but only Muslims are greatly victimized.

Moreover, the slogans used by Hindu extremists such as “India for Hindus” create quite an agitation for all minorities. Khalistan, Naxalite and other groups are once again resurging which results, by and large, in the emergence of new secessionist movements and the brutality of Indians forces on the innocents Kashmiris, which the world condemns at large, is heartrending. At last, where India is heading towards?

The so-called claim of being secular and the largest democracy depicts a bleak picture. The recent cases of lynching Muslims for eating and transporting beef portray India’s prejudice against the minority. Also, the videos aired on social media about religious intolerance in India do not lag behind in depicting a completely Hindu India. Modi administration is leaving no stone unturned to achieve the desired goal of making India for Hindus. With the victory of Yogi Adityanath (Hindu Extremist) in UP, the indication is quite clear that they have extensively changed the mentality of masses against minorities, particularly Muslims. The future prospects seem problematic for Muslims in India. If Modi wants to witness his regional hegemony, it is indispensable to shun these sort of mythical doctrines against the minorities and take India as a whole without any discrimination.


Islamabad, June 3.