KAMALIA - A person was killed while his son was injured in an attack made by his brother and his family on a property dispute.

Former general councilor Ch Bashir Ahmed Arain, a resident of Chah Shamoon Wala, and his brother Nazar Muhammad Arain had a long dispute on distribution of land. The dispute turned bloody when Nazar along with his son Shiraz and others armed with sticks and axes assaulted his 70-year-old brother Bashir Ahmed and his son Umair.

Neighbours gathered on hearing the cries for help but Bashir succumbed to wounds and died on the spot while Umair was taken to THQ Hospital Kamalia in critical condition.

Sadar Police arrested Nazar and his son. Bashir Ahmed’s funeral prayer was offered in Govt Special Education School Shah Shamoon Wala and was later buried in the ancestral graveyard. The funeral was attended by people in a large number. As per people of the area, there is an atmosphere of grief and panic in the area after the horrible murder.