ISLAMABAD -  The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has issued new guidelines for inquiry into scams involving less than Rs100 million amount, making it mandatory for regional bureaus to seek prior approval from the chairman before carrying out an investigation.

According to documents available with The Nation, NBA Director General Operations Zahir Shah issued a new circular on June 2nd, which said, "Current inquiries and investigations, involving the amount less than Rs100 million and already authorized may be completed up to their present stage only. Ongoing cases where the amount involved is less than Rs100 million, and prior permission of chairman has not been obtained, no arrests may be made without the permission of chairman".

The letter further said that “prior to consideration of conversion (a case) from inquiry to investigation or investigation to reference, the recommendations may be forwarded to NAB headquarters duly supported with solid and tangible reasons/justification for seeking approval from the chairman for all such cases having a value less than Rs100 million. The restriction of permission from the chairman on cases involving amount less than Rs100 million is not applicable to cases mentioned in Chapter 2 of Volume –I, Edition 2015 at SrNo 1a(2), 1a (6) and 1a (8)”.

“The regional bureaus may review the ongoing cases, the involved amount of which is less than Rs100 million, and are in making for up-gradation to next stage, within a month to decide for seeking permission from the chairman or their transfer to FIA, ACE or concerned departments in cases of CVs and inquiries only,” it added.