PESHAWAR - Awami National Party President Asfandyar Wali Khan on Thursday expressed grave concern over emerging situation in the region, saying Pakistan was facing international isolation, while the ruling clique was not taking note of it.

It seems that drone strikes have been restarted as the US drones are once again hovering inside Pakistani territory, he said in a statement issued here, adding that instead of having tension, Islamabad and Kabul must develop cordial relations and end the existing impasse immediately, which according to him would be in the best interest of both the countries.

There are reports that Pakistan had recently shot downed an Iranian drone, he said, adding that in the prevailing situation, rather than keeping mum, the government should tell the whole truth to the nation. He said that not only the rulers but the political leadership also showed no concern over it, which he said was unfortunate.

In the ongoing power capturing fight, the national leadership, he said, was either unaware or deliberately ignoring the possible impacts of regional affairs on Pakistan.

The consequences of events taking place in the region, Asfandyar Wali said, could be dangerous for the country; therefore government should take positive steps in this regard. He asked the government to evolve a strategy to maintain national unity and solidarity in the country.

Time is being wasted in blame game among political parties instead of making a joint strategy as to how to prevent Pakistan from the impacts of external developments and exhibit unity and oneness at home, he added, saying that Pakistan should strengthen its relations with bordering states.

Asfandyar maintained that Islamabad should start talks with bordering countries on the basis of equality in order to resolve long-awaited issues through dialogue. Obviously, a democratic system ensures freedom of expression, but not insulting each other, he said, adding that “let people decide it, who will rule and who will not”.