LAHORE -  The Lahore High Court Bar Association (LHCBA) on Thursday reiterated the demand for the resignation of Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The Bar also denounced attack made on the city lawyers in a previous session allegedly by the ‘government sponsored fake counsel’ when the LHBA members met to call for PM resignation after he had been disqualified by two of the five judges of the Supreme Court in Panama leaks case.

The bar at a stage during the meeting thrashed a person who raised slogans in favour of PM Nawaz. The Bar members disowned the person as lawyer and held him as one planted by the government to disrupt the proceedings and fail lawyers’s protest.

The Bar meeting was held in the light of recommendations passed in All Pakistan Lawyers Convention a few days ago. Chaired by the Bar President Ch Zulfiqar Ali, the meeting was addressed by Bar General Secretary Rashid Javed Lodhi, vice president Amir Saeed Raan, Lahore Bar Association Secretary Muhammad Zaheer Butt, LHCBA Finance Secretary Mirza Abdul Khaliq, Abdul Rashid Qureshi, Afzal Azeem Pahat, Umair Niazi, Babar A Khilji, Khalid Malik Awan, Khawar Mahmood Khatana and others.

The speakers had one voice on demanding resignation of Nawaz Sharif as they believed his appearance before the JIT, appointed to look into the money trail allegations against the Sharifs and their offshore companies, while holding the PM office had made their head down in shame as visualisation of the Chief Executive of the country as accused before a team is unbearable for the legal fraternity.

They said the way Nawaz Sharif is stuck to the office at the cost of honour of the nation, manifests his lust for money and power, no matter what come may. The speakers termed Nawaz Sharif a close friend of Indian PM Modi as such his stay in the PM office, they believed, is a big security risk.

After the two judges of the Supreme Court had held Nawaz Sharif dishonest and untruthful, no justification remains for his anymore stay in the office, they said.

The lawyers said they did not recognise Nawaz Sharif as prime minister of Pakistan and demand his immediate stepping down.

The meeting also condemned the use of filthy language by the PML-N leaders against the judiciary and the JIT. The lawyers also denounced the remarks of Javed Hashmi allegedly against the Judiciary and said ‘Gullu Butts’ of the government have begun to come out as the JIT inquiry is drawing to a close.

Later, the bar members also held a protest sit-in to press the PM’s resignation demand and denounce alleged government crackdown on lawyers.