Islamabad - The capital police have sought help and cooperation of the citizens to curb crime especially burglary and theft during the Eid holidays .

A large number of residents leave for their native villages to celebrate Eid with their relatives, leaving an opportunity for criminals to break into the house and steal valuables. The possibility of theft and burglaries increased in the city on the occasion of Eid festivals.

The police have started distributing pamphlets among the residents living in different parts of the city which has the messages to follow precautionary measures before leaving their homes on Eid . The pamphlets will be also handed over to prayer leaders to read them out after Friday sermons, the police officials said.

The pamphlets stated that police have made security arrangements to protect the life and property of the residents which is not possible without their cooperation . “The step has been taken to create awareness among people about the circumstances which help criminals to commit burglaries,” the police said. 

The pamphlets asked people to make proper light arrangements before leaving their houses or leave a person at home who can protect the valuables in their absence. It further stated not to leave jewellery, cash or other valuables at home and lock all rooms before departing for hometowns. The police have also asked the residents to hire security guards with mutual cooperation of neighbours for these days. The police have appealed the citizens to inform local police station in case of any suspicious activity around them.

Meanwhile, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Muhammad Khalid Khattak distributed prizes among the best performing police officials of the last year. A ceremony in this regard was held at Police Line Headquarters Islamabad. The IGP said that a total of 1,213 officers and employees of Islamabad Police showing good performance during the last year were selected from various divisions. He said that the purpose of awarding these officials is to encourage them for further improvement in their output and efforts for effective policing in the city.