KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi Chief Hafiz Naeemur Rehman has said that Pakistan People Party (PPP) and Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) both destroyed Karachi and now seeking victory in the PS-114 by-election. Hafiz expressed these views while addressing an Iftar party held by JI Admin Society at Green Flag School. JI candidate for PS-114 by polls Zahoor Ahmed Jadon and other leaders including Imran Saeed, Ameer Zone, Sarfaraz, Raja Arif Sultan, Saleem Butt were also present on the occasion.

Criticising PPP, Hafiz said that the during the last nine years the ruling provincial government failed to provide any relief to the people and at the time of by election had rapidly initiated development work in the provincial assembly constituency seeking victory. If the provincial rulers do have any worries about people miseries then why did they not started any development work in the last four years questioned JI Karachi Chief adding that all efforts were being made by the PPP to get its candidate victorious in the by-polls.

He said that PPP and MQM both looted Karachi by both hands and responsible for the destruction of city. Welfare of the people has not remained the agenda of these both parties as its leadership remained silent over the illegal activities and robbery of the private power company K-Electric, he added.

PPP and MQM supported unfair moves of K-Electric and kept silent over the massive illegal billing said Hafiz adding that JI from the day first took bold step against the private power company and drive against K-Electric is underway for the recovery of the looted money. JI leader urged the people to reject the parties who have failed to deliver and vote JI candidate.

Speaking on the occasion JI candidate Zahoor Ahmed Jaddon said that former Mayor Karachi Abdul Sattar Afghani and Naimatullah Khan during their tenure had done countable work for the constituency while MQM and PPP always disappointed the resident.