LAHORE -  Robber strikes Thursday continued unabated in the metropolis, making off with cash, gold ornaments, and other valuables worth millions of rupees.

Over a dozen families and motorists were robbed of their belongings while two cars and four motorcycles were either snatched or stolen away from different parts of the city, police sources claimed.

The incidents of armed robberies involving gunmen on motorcycles are on the rise in Lahore where people throng to markets for Eid shopping soon after sunset. Traders are expecting huge rush of shoppers in the days ahead since the traditional Eid shopping trend is gaining momentum.

Hundreds of police are deployed at markets and Masajids across the city to maintain peace and harmony. All the police response units, mobiles, and Dolphins squads are on patrol on the leading arteries to counter street criminals involved in robberies.

Police sources Thursday night said that the city police reported no less than 14 armed robberies which took place in different parts of the city during the past 24 hours.

Four gunmen riding on two motorcycles stopped Shakeel and his family in the Garhi Shahu police precincts. The family was deprived of cash, gold ornaments and mobile phones worth Rs 400,000 at gunpoint. The police were investigating the road robbery.

Taseer along with his family was on his way to a market when two gunmen stopped them in Mozang police area. The robbers held up the family at gunpoint and fled after collecting cash, mobile phones, and gold ornaments worth Rs 200,000.

Two gunmen stopped Ahmed and his family members in the South Cantonment police area. They were deprived of cash and gold ornaments worth Rs 200,000.

Three gunmen forced their entry into the house of Shahbaz in Shafiqabad police precincts. The robbers held up the women and children at gunpoint and escaped after collecting cash and gold ornaments worth Rs 245,000. The police were investigating the house robbery with no arrest made yet.

A car-rider Junaid and his family were robbed at gunpoint by two motorcyclists in the Faisal Town police vicinity. The victims told the police said that the bandits fled after snatching cash and gold ornaments worth Rs 100,000. The robbers had escaped when the police arrived.

Two gunmen held up Rashid and his family in the Satu Katla police area. The family was deprived of cash and gold ornaments worth Rs 145,000.

Gunmen riding on motorcycles also robbed families and motorists in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Sabzazar, Ghalib Market, and Shahdara Town police precincts.

Similarly, two cars were driven away from Shahdara and Liaqatabad police areas. Four motorcycles were either snatched at gunpoint or stolen away from Nawab Town, Shalimar, Ghaziabad, and Ravi Road police areas.