LONODN - Sophie Turner can switch up her hair colours so often by using a product called Wellaplex, which stops her hair falling out.

The 21-year-old actress is naturally blonde but dyes her hair a bright red whenever she becomes her ‘Game of Thrones’ character Sansa Stark again and has found a way to protect her hair from the constant changing.

Sophie said: ‘’I use this product called Wellaplex - it’s really useful when dying my hair for role or just in life. You need something like that otherwise you hair will fall out.’’

It enables her to effortlessly switch hair colours time after time again.

Explaining the importance of having an interchangeable look, she said: ‘’I had to dye my hair red for ‘Game Of Thrones’ because Sansa’s character in the book has auburn hair and it’s pretty integral to who she is as a person. It was kind of daunting but kind of exciting as well. It was a big shock, especially for a thirteen year old, but it was cool.’’

Since then, Sophie has played Jean Gray in ‘X-Men’, modelled for Louis Vuitton’s AW17 campaign and landed her first beauty deal as Global Ambassador for Wella Professionals.

And Sophie likes nothing more than going back to her natural hair as it makes her feel like a child again.

She shared: ‘’When I go back to my natural hair it’s exciting to separate myself from the characters that I’ve played. If my hair is blonde it means Game of Thrones is over, and X-Men is over, and I feel 12 years old all over again.’’ Wearing make-up on-screen means Sophie doesn’t like to wear too much make-up day-to-day but despite going minimal with her look, her make-up collection is maxed out.

She said: ‘’I don’t wear a lot of make-up but I have a lot of make-up. I find a lot of inspiration from Instagram - I really like to find looks that would work on me.’’

And when it comes to looking good on the red carpet, Sophie has revealed her go-to beauty-regime is snail gel eye patches. She told ELLE UK: ‘’I have really bad circles under my eyes so I always put on these 24 carat gold snail gel eye patches. They’re not actually snails! I leave them for 20 minutes, take them off and it brightens my eyes completely. It’s amazing, I always, always use them.’’