LAHORE: Ahead of Eidul Fitr sub standard sweets manufacturing reached its peak as Punjab Food Authority raided several sweets production unit and imposes heavy fines

The sale of mithai (sweets) from moti choor to jaman and burfi, baloo shahi everyone in Lahore and elsewhere is looking for a taste to distribute it among relatives on Eidul Fitr. The situation on ground is very bleak as customers looking for quality ingredients that cooked to perfection are nowhere found in productions units of various sweet shops.

PFA team led by PFA DG Noorul Amin Mengal raided several sweets production units and it was found that textile colours and chemicals are being used to manufacture in sweet manufacturing. These chemicals and fake colours are injurious to health, according to health experts.  

Noorul Amin Mengal raided Gourmet production unit Bhoptian Chowk and imposed fine Rs 1 million over improper cleanliness measures, sub standard colours, injurious to health items that were being used in manufacturing in sweets.  

On the other hand, PFA teams also raided ‘Big man’ Sweets and Bismillah Sweets and upon finding ill standards being followed in sweet manufacturing, both sweets production units were sealed. Eighteen maund sub standard sweets, 21 maund raw materials were disposed off.

The DG said “Until now nine sweets production unit points in Lahore, six in Multan, eight in Faisalabad, six in Rawalpindi and seven in Gujranwala. Rs 1.9 million fines have been imposed so in Punjab.”

In other raids PFA sealed three production units, disposed off 1880 kg sweets at Wahdat Road including Arabian Delight Production Unit.  PFA issued warning to all the production units of sweets shops to raise their standards.