KARACHI: Police arrested two underage brothers today for allegedly stealing their uncle’s motorcycle in Karachi’s PECHS area.

The Ferozabad police have also filed a case against the brothers.

The two brothers, Mohsin and Ijlan, were roaming around the city on his motorcycle when they were stopped by the Ferozabad police during snap-checking, according to their uncle, Nazeer Ahmed.

In a video message, Ahmed explained that he had parked his motorcycle outside his friend’s house when his nephews took the vehicle, probably for grocery shopping.

However, the two brothers were stopped by the police and since they didn’t have relevant documents at the time, they were questioned regarding the vehicle.

Ahmed also said that his motorcycle was stolen in 2012 but The Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) Sharifabad returned him the vehicle in 2014 after clearing all his documents.

He further said that his nephews have been arrested ‘illegally’ and a fake FIR has been registered against them.