PR LAHORE - Electricity workers and members of the management should spare no efforts to prevent the accidents of the public and electricity line staff on account of electrocution in the coming rainy season by observance of safety regulations at work place as well as maintenance of electricity lines in order to prevent such tragedies. The life and health of the line staff performing the most hazardous nature of duties is a great blessing of Almighty. Those should in all the circumstances perform their work diligently with the safety regulation. The management had been making every effort to provide them mandatory safety equipment including bucket fitted vehicles while working on the line.

These remarks were made by Syed Wajid Ali Kazmi, Chief Executive Officer Lahore Electric Supply Company, at Bakhtiar Labour Hall Lahore while addressing the “Safety Conference” held under the auspices of All Pakistan Wapda Hydro Electric Workers Union CBA, which was attended by many hundreds of electricity workers including members of the management of LESCO. At this occasion, veteran trade union leader Khurshid Ahmed, general secretary of the union , commended the role of the employees of Lahore Electric Supply Company who had been able to provide electricity to the consumers despite heavy rainy storms. He appealed to the workers to get observed safety regulation in letter and spirit to prevent their accidents and refuse to work in case, those in shortfall of observation of safety regulations.

In no case, they would be punished on this account. He appealed to the management to hire more field staff to lessen the heavy burden and enlarge professional training facilities to the young labour force enabling them to perform work safely.

The conference was addressed by Haji Muhammad Younas, Rana Shakoor, Rana Akram, Osama Tariq, Haji Lateef, and Ch Maqsood, who declared that the Ministry of Water and Power & PEPCO had launched countrywide campaign to promote safety of the line staff.