SAMBRIAL-PML N's angry leaders and workers took out a rally against the party’s ticketholder in Sambrial on Thursday.

The PML-N issued party ticket in PP-44 constituency to ex-MPA Arshad Warraich but the local leaders and workers lamented the party decision. They took out the rally against PML N's nominated candidate on GT Road, Sambrial city. Local leaders Hafiz Waseem and Shamrooz Elahi Ghumman led the rally and demanded the party leadership to take the decision of ticket issuance back and issue party ticket to some ideological leader of the party. The rally affected traffic flow and people were irked by the traffic jam. An ambulance driver who was stuck in the traffic said that he has to pick a patient who is in critical condition but traffic jam is hurdle in the way to take him to the hospital.

Sambrial Police told newsmen that the rally is illegal because protesters didn't get approval from local administration.