SIALKOT-The PML-N and PTI dissidents here have formed their independent groups and are likely to affect the respective party's vote bank as they are contesting as independent candidates in NA-74.

Talking to the local newsmen at Pasrur, former MPAs Munawar Ali Gill and Rana Liaqat Ali announced to give tough time to PML-N candidate Ali Zahid in July 25, 2018 general elections.

This time, the PML-N top leadership dropped the former MPAs from Pasrur and warded party tickets to some other candidates. NA 74, Sialkot-III is the native constituency of Zahid Hamid, the former federal law minister, who himself is not contesting general elections from the constituency after the nation-wide protests followed by the alleged attempt to amend the Tuhaffuz-e-Namoos-e-Risaalat Act.

Zahid Hamid is three-time winner from the constituency - in 2013 and 2008 general elections as PML-N candidate and in 2002 general elections during Gen Musharraf Regime as PML-Q candidate. Zahid Hamid got 73,529 votes as PML-Q candidate in the constituency in 2002 general elections. He also got 62,362 votes as PML-N candidate and won the 2008 general elections besides winning the 2013 general elections by getting 131,468 votes as PML-N candidate in the constituency (then NA 114, Sialkot-V).

There are 475,866 registered votes in NA-74. Zahid Hamid has brought his son Ali Zahid in his place as PML-N candidate in. Zahid said that he was very happy to bring his son in politics. Both PML-N and PTI brought new faces against each other in the constituency. PTI has awarded ticket to Barrister Mansur Sarwar Khan against PML-N's candidate is Ali Zahid.

Both the PML-N and PTI are facing very strong criticism and tough time by their local dissidents who remained unable to get the party tickets. Now, these dissidents are contesting the 2018 general elections against the candidates of PML-N and PTI by forming their own independent groups.

The dissidents including former MPAs Ch Munawar Ali Gill and Rana Liaqat Ali of PML-N are much annoyed with the top leadership who allegedly ignored them and did not give them the party tickets.

The unhappy dissidents are giving tough time to both PML-N and PTI besides harming their vote banks. The political differences between Ali Zahid and Ch Munawar Ali Gill cropped up they refused to contest with their mutual corporation. Munawar Gill, three-time winner from the constituency, refused to contest under Ali Zahid. He said he was very junior to him in politics. Ali Zahid also opposed Munawar Gill while award of the party tickets.

However, Zahid Hamid remains successful in getting out Ch Munawar Ali Gill from PML-N candidates' list. Gill also submitted his nomination papers against PML-N candidate Ali Zahid to contest against him as an independent candidate in NA-74.

Liaqat Ali is also contesting polls against PML-N's candidate Ali Zahid as an independent candidate. Rana Liaqat Ali also submitted his nomination papers in the constituency after being rejected by PML-N top leadership.

Likewise, PTI leadership awarded party ticket to a Barrister Mansur Sarwar Khan. Due to which, the PTI aspirant candidates including Olympian Asif Bajwa became disgruntled. Asif Bajwa submitted his nomination papers against PTI candidate to contest polls against him as an independent.

The PTI top leadership is considering a proposal to change its party ticket from Barrister Mansur Sarwar Khan to Ch Ghulam Abbas, a former PPP provincial minister.