SIALKOT-Federal Board of Revenue Islamabad Member Zahid has said that the FBR is making efforts to facilitate the business community and resolving their problems on priority basis.

Addressing a meeting of the Sialkot exporters, he said that the FBR was also ensuring a level playing field for everyone and conducive environment to the exporters enabling them to struggle hard with full devotion, dedication, enthusiasm and complete peace of mind for increasing the national exports.

He said that all the hurdles would be removed from the promotion of national exporters by facilitating the business community and exporters.

Zahid highly hailed the exporters' pivotal role in strengthening the national exports, saying that the Sialkot exporters were the pride of Pakistan as they earn foreign exchange to the tune of $2 billion annually.

He said that the exporters have set the unique examples of self help by establishing several mega projects including Sialkot international airport on self help basis, advising others to replicate it. He said that the Sialkot exporters have made marvellous socio-economic and human development on self-help basis.

He said that the FBR was fully aware of the problems of the Sialkot exporters, adding that the FBR was making efforts to ensure early amicable solution to these problems.

Chief Collector of Customs-North Islamabad Jawwad Uwais Agha and representatives of the law enforcement agencies (LEAs), customs departments and military agencies were also present.