Senior stage and TV artist Agha Majid believes that the future of stage drama in the country is safe now as various steps have been taken by all stakeholders lately to promote art and artists.

While talking to media, he said that he used to get a meager amount as a junior artist in Multan, but now he was getting a handsome remuneration in the same profession.

He said that he had been very busy with TV shows and got little time to perform on stage.

The senior artist said that he had once again joined famous journalist Aftab Iqbal team for a new comedy show which might

commence in August this year at a new TV channel.

Replying a question, Agha Majid said that he was very happy to see two of his friends Saleem Albela and Nasir Chinioti touching the heights of fame, along with him adding that Shanshah was his stage drama which provided him with a platform to grow in the showbiz world.

To another question, he urged people to conserve water for future generations as it is going to become a matter of life and death for the country in the coming years. He said that the artiste fraternity was very much alive to the burning issues facing the country currently.