Every person believes in humanities, either Muslim or Non-Muslim. When they all know that the meaning of the humanities, then why India do ZULAM on Kashmiri’s men, women and children. There is no one in the world, who ask from India that why you are doing ZULAM on oppressed Kashmir for 70 years. 

More than 80 percentage of Muslims population lives in Kashmir and less than 20 percentage of non-Muslims. All Muslim countries just see the ZULAM and those never raised the issue of Kashmir in the world. Just Pakistan raised this issue in UNO. Pakistan fought the three wars against the India for the Kashmir issue, but the result was Zero and Pakistan Army lost their lives in those wars. Every day I watch the news and heard that Indian army fired on LOC and killed the two or three Pak armies, and did violation of ceasefire line, it is very sad to hear that Pak Army just answers. 

One thing I noticed that every country or an organization just think for their own advantages, those do not care to others, including UNO. What you think UNO is unaware regarding above issue, it knows very well but it does want to resolve the issue. 

Recently Pak army announced that they were ready to talk with India, so it is good time for India to resolve this major issue. 

Pakistan faced three wars against India in 1965, 1971 and Kargil incident in 1999, both countries lost many lives, therefore, I think wars are not the solution of the issue, table talk is the best way for resolving the above major issue, except fighting. 


Sindh, May 26.