ISLAMABAD - Former interior minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan said said that he has not shown any disloyalty with the party and only differed with Nawaz Sharif on certain policy matters and that too in the interest of the latter.

Addressing a press conference, the veteran parliamentarian, who was denied party ticket, said that certain concocted and distorted news containing some hate comments about Nawaz Sharif were attributed to him. He said that he had over three-decade long association with the party and its leadership so he could not think of damaging the party which he had built and nurtured with its leadership.

Ch Nisar stopped short of revealing the differences with Nawaz Sharif and said that he would share the point of differences with the party Quaid and his decision to contest elections as an independent candidate once Begum Kalsoom Nawaz’s condition would improve.

Ch.Nisar said that 90 per cent television channels had conducted accurate reporting but some news channels had wrongly attributed things to him as he had never said that if PTI had 10 flaws then PML-N contained 100.

He further questioned that where he had said that if he would open his mouth against Nawaz Sharif he would be left with no face to stand among the masses, adding his differences with party Quaid Nawaz Sharif were only for his and overall party’s betterment.

He said that he stood by the party on each and every piece of legislation and had always followed the party’s discipline but where he thought the party policy was not correct he had openly opposed it and that too in the interest of the party. To a question, he said that when PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif had given the statement on Mumbai attacks he had given his reaction only because he was privy to the developments on the issue and it was appropriate to put the record straight. He said that he did not react when the party tickets for Senate elections were awarded similarly he kept quiet even when Nawaz Sharif had dubbed Mujeebur Rehman a patriot, adding that he believed in party discipline and he strictly apply it on himself.

On not appearing before the Parliamentary Board for securing party ticket, Ch Nisar Ali Khan said that since 1985 he was in the arena but he had never applied for party ticket. He explained that interviews for awarding party tickets are taken from newcomers in the party and senior and veteran party leaders were just awarded tickets and that too without seeking applications from them.

Ch Nisar said that the party had conducted a survey from both his constituencies where majority of the people supported granting of party ticket to him, adding that now when the party had refused him party ticket he was prepared to contest elections from all the four constituencies as an independent candidate. He once again grilled Sh Rashid and said that he had time and again said that he was not a passenger of any stray bandwagon and would do politics of principles and would not bow to anyone beyond dignity. He said that party chief Shahbaz Sharif had said that whether he(Nisar) would apply or not party would award him ticket and on the other hand PTI Chairman Imran Khan had also said that in case Ch Nisar would contest elections as independent, PTI would not field candidate against him but he was connected to the people of his constituencies and would contest the upcoming elections as an independent candidate. Responding to a question Ch Nisar said that country was passing through a very critical phase and all the politicians must rise up the party and personal interests to work for the country and steer it out of the prevailing situation.