KASUR-The interim government is bound to conduct fair and transparent elections. For the purpose, it must replace the patwaris who have sold out their loyalty to Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz [PML-N].

This was demanded by chairmen, vice chairmen and councillors of different Union Councils [UCs] during a media talk here the other day. They said that patwaris in Kasur district are politicised and received directives from the local PML-N office-bearers and former lawmakers. "In their presence, the caretaker government cannot conduct fair and transparent elections," they claimed, and demanding that caretaker Prime Minister Nasirul Mulk should replace them to ensure transparency in the upcoming elections.

Chairmen of different UCs including Sardar Muhammad Sarwar, Sardar Liaqat Dogar, Mobin Ghaznavi and Mehr Latif spoke on the occasion.

On the other hand, nomination papers of 89 candidates aspiring to contest elections for four National Assembly seats of Kasur district have been accepted. As many as 99 candidates had filed nomination papers for contesting elections for National Assembly from Kasur. Nomination of 10 candidates has been rejected by the returning officers concerned.

Nomination of 33 candidates was approved while of six was rejected who had filed papers to contest election from NA-137. Similarly, nomination of all 22 candidates was approved aspiring to contest election from NA-138. For NA-139, nomination of 18 candidates was approved while of two was rejected. Likewise, nomination of 14 candidates was approved while of four was rejected for NA-140.