I would beg for their forgiveness, especially those supporters who made such a great effort to be here. And I repeat what I said, I’m responsible. I was just as dreamy-eyed as any fan before. So I’m hurt. I did the best job I could and I quite simply did not find a way to give them what they wanted. After they scored, we kind of lost our way and we were emotionally broken.

Argentina coach Jorge Sampaoli



Let's not be euphoric or get ahead of ourselves. Of course this win will boost our confidence for the next game, and we have shown we can create opportunities, but let's keep our feet firmly on the ground.



Luka Modric



If you grew up the same way I grew up, don't listen to what certain tabloids want to tell you. They just want to steal your joy. They just want to pull you down. England is still a place where a naughty boy who comes from nothing can live his dream.


forward Raheem





I played with so much anger because of a lot of things, because of the rats running around in our apartment, because I couldn't watch the Champions League, because of how the other parents used to look at me. I was on a mission. When I was 12, I scored 76 goals in 34 games.

Belgium striker Romelu Lukaku



Perhaps we took it a bit too lightly, (in thinking) that when the tournament started we would be fresh and have our usual strengths on the pitch. We were wrong to assume that.



forward Thomas ueller