RAWALPINDI - A landlord lodged a complaint with Additional District Collector (Revenue) and alleged that revenue officer of Moza Chihan had received bribes from him for issuing Fard, sources on Saturday said.

The ADC (R) tasked Assistant Commissioner Saddar Circle for holding inquiry into the allegation and submitting report, they said.

According to sources, a landlord Suhail Shehzad, son of Malik Afzal, resident of Chihan, appeared before the ADC (R) and tabled a written complaint stating that his mother was sick and he had decided to sale out a piece of land measuring 20 kanals to bear expenses for medical treatment of his ailing mother.

He said that he visited the office of land revenue officer Abbas Tarar at Morgah Road and applied for Fard (ownership document) but the revenue officer refused to entertain his application. The complainant stated that Abbas Tarar got infuriated over him saying he would not issue any kind of document to the residents of Chihan as he was transferred earlier on their complaints. “After my hue and cry and several requests, Abbas Tarar demanded half of price of the land as bribe,” Suhail alleged. He told that the land revenue officer took Rs100,000 as an advance from him in front of two witnesses Saeed Akhter and Malik Ikram in his office. However, the land revenue officer did not issue Fard and started demanding half price of land, he said. The complainant requested the ADC (R) to take action against the corrupt land revenue officer and to get back his amount from him besides issuing Fard so that he could sale his land.

ADC (R) forwarded the complaint to AC Saddar Circle ordering him to probe the matter and to submit his report.

AC Saddar Circle, following orders of ADC (R), summoned both parties and recorded their statements as part of his investigation.