Pakistani Rupee plunged to yet another all-time low against US dollar after it dropped to Rs155 against the greenback in the open and inter-bank markets on Friday.

The PKR depreciated by Rs2.50 to reach the latest figures in the open market, whereas, it rose by Rs 2.25 and was trading at Rs155.15 at the interbank. On Thursday, the rupee depreciated by Rs1.25 against the dollar for buying at Rs152.80 and it also dropped by Rs1.40 for selling at Rs153.00, at inter-bank market. As per reports, PKR has depreciated over 32.70 percent from Rs 118.37 in the last 12 months.

The rise in the dollar rate is the main reason of inflation and in this situation, the maximum a common middle-class man can do is dump the dollar and boycott imported products in order to strengthen the value of rupee.