LAHORE : Renowned Neurosurgeon Prof Khalid Mehmood removed a tumour from the brain of an 11-year-old girl through an eyebrow cut at Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences on Saturday. Faria Azhar, a resident of Narowal, had complaints of constant headache. After detailed clinical tests, doctors found a tumor in her brain. Prof Khalid, Head of PINS, decided to perform latest technique of removing tumor through a minor cut. He said that eyebrow cut would heal within days. In time to come, he said, even mark would not be visible to naked eyes. He said that cosmetic point of view was also in mid while performing surgery of a female. He congratulated Faria Azhar and her parents for the successful procedure. The family thanked Prof Khalid for providing timely surgery and that too free of cost. Prof Khalid is also pioneer of Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery for treatment of Parkinson’s disease.