Had there been any prize for cruelty, inhumanity, and viciousness, WAPDA and electric companies would have stood first. Its very unfortunate that all the electric companies are busy beating their own records of atrocities .

In summer, days are hot as hell as if the sun has fallen on earth. The role of electric companies, during such a situation, is very dubious. They try hard to kill the poor, innocent people through heat stroke, dehydration, and load-shedding. Despite loadshedding of 18 to 20 hours, no one from the stakeholders is ready to take notice of the poor burning with heat.

How infelicitous is it? In this modern era, when every little thing is solely dependent on electricity, we are deprived of it. People have got their protests recorded, but all in vain. The authorities have often turned deaf ears to the cries of innocent people. Resultantly, the lives of people have become miserable. Other countries are planning to travel to the moon, and we are fighting for such a basic need. The authorities are requested to stop unscheduled power blackouts. Besides, reduce the time of load sheding to give some relief to already depressed people.